About Darlene

Do you have a split personality?


Yes! But only when it comes to writing. It’s all about the story. Whatever that story may be.


You’re mostly a romance writer, right?


Right. Most of my books are romances best suited for an adult audience, running the gamut from romantic comedies to romantic mysteries to traditional contemporary romances.


Why romance?


Because nothing is more important in life than love.

What are you working on right now?


I'm writing a romantic-comedy trilogy about the Devine Bachelor Brothers, all of whom are pro athletes. None of the hunky Devine brothers are interested in heading to the altar any time soon even though their mother runs a matchmaking service for the marriage-minded. In the first story, she claims in a national TV interview that her football-star son Troy hired her to find him a wife. Troy has done no such thing! But when he goes along with the ruse, he gets paired with a woman with secrets of her own. 


Will the new romantic comedies be for the Indie market?


I'm not sure. I'm seeing where the wind takes me. Since eBooks took off, it’s a brand new world for publishing. Before the Dead Ringers serial, my books were traditionally published. The best term for me is probably hybrid author.


Speaking of Dead Ringers, what’s with the paranormal stuff? That seems out of the norm.


Yes and no. I love reading books with one skewed element that takes the story in an eerie direction. In the Dead Ringers serial, that element is body switching. It’s paranormal mystery but it also has more than a touch of romance. The main characters are just out of high school, on the cusp of becoming adults. I think that time of change and growth can be appealing to any reader. 


Few writers can do it alone. Do you get any help?


My husband is a professional copy editor who edits my Indie books—for free! I’m also in a critique group with two fabulous authors and friends. Diane Gaston writes marvelous historical romances, and Lisa Dyson is an up-and-comer with Harlequin Superromance. But my MVP is my multi-talented daughter P.K. Gardner who’s my cover artist, web designer and dialogue checker.


Speaking of your daughter, isn't she a writer too?


She’s actually a scientist but she writes books and shorts stories for fun. Check out P.K. Gardner's website and her stuff on Amazon. Enemies Like These is a superhero buddy book and the first installment of her Enemies Trilogy. Timewise is a very cool science fiction book. She also has short story in Shock Totem 6: Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted


In another life, you were a sportswriter. What’s up with that?


I’m a sports nut, possibly because I grew up in the Pittsburgh area where people are passionate about their teams. Sportswriting combined two of my loves: writing and sports. So does the new romantic comedy series I'm working on. Makes me wonder why I didn't do it sooner!


What’s your favorite sport?


Tennis. I can watch just about any sport, but I love to play tennis. And I play a lot of tennis. Since I spend so much time at the computer, I need the exercise. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.