The Cupid Caper

Harlequin Duets, May 2001

Two Across, Two Down by Natalie Bishop

Celebrity Julian Ashby just wants women to leave him alone -- struggling actress Dixie Kingston just needs her first break. They hatch the perfect plan to get "hitched." When their news reaches Hank, Julian s manager and brother, and Chloe, Dixie's sister, they are puzzled. Since Hank has fallen for Dixie and Chloe only has eyes for Julian! But with Julian and Dixie's pledge to keep their fake engagement top secret, getting these couples together will be harder than doing the Sunday crossword!

The Cupid Caper by Darlene Gardner

Sam Creighton has responded to his brother's SOS, only to find him missing, his P.I. agency shut tight, and the only case this would-be detective has is a case of the hots for his brother's fiancee. Sam and Mallory team up to locate the absent bridegroom and are quickly led on a merry chase. Meanwhile, a stopover at a honeymoon hotel in the Poconos reveals her true identity and their true feelings for each other. So will Mallory end up a Mrs. Creighton after all?

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