Romantic Mysteries and Sensual Romances

It’s all romance to me, but all my romance novels aren’t romantic comedies.


In addition to my foray into the paranormal with the Dead Ringers serial, I dabbled in romantic mystery and produced two of my favorite stories. Sound of Secrets is an original  publication about a woman who travels to a town where she's never been but where everything is familiar. In Lowcountry Lies, a woman teams up with man she loved and betrayed to find a missing girl.


To the Max also contains a mystery, this time involving a missing man. An updated edition of To The Max is available as an eBook, but the original came out in print as a Harlequin Temptation. As you can probably guess, it’s more sensual than some of my other books.


And, finally, Winter Heat is a traditional romance set in the beautiful South Carolina city of Charleston during the Christmas holidays. It's on the light side, interspersing humor with some sweetness and a little bit of spice.


All the books, however, have a common thread: Nothing in life is more important than love.