Dead Ringers Volumes 7-9

Illusion - Invertigo - The Spider

Dead Ringers 7: THE MENTALIST 

Is the gift of telepathy a curse? 

Jade has good reason to keep her discovery that she can read minds a secret: Telepathy is behind what’s happening in Midway Beach.

Dead Ringers 8: FREAK SHOW

How do you win a mind game?

In order to save her friends, Jade has to embrace her telepathic ability. If only she could figure out how to use it.

Dead Ringers 9: HALL OF MIRRORS

Who is the Big Bad Ringer?

With Ringers on the loose and danger all around, an archenemy harboring an ulterior motive approaches Jade with a plot to stop to the madness.

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Digital edition, 2014

Print edition, 2014

The Spider (Dead Ringers #3)