Forget Me? Not (A Romantic Comedy)

Amanda Baldwin isn’t keen on eavesdroppers. Especially when the eavesdropper hears her fiancé call off their long-awaited wedding—after the invitations have already been sent!


Never mind that the eavesdropper, the irrepressible Zach Castelli, wants to help Amanda get over her heartache by showing her life on the wild side. Or that Zach is a bonafide hunk. He’s her polar opposite, a beach bum who can’t commit to anything and calls marriage the state of  “unhappily ever after.”


As her few weeks around Zach count down to an inevitable end, though, the question isn't whether Amanda will be able to forget her fiancé, it's whether her heart will ever forget Zach.

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Updated digital edition, July 2016

First edition, Harlequin Duets, 2000

The Misconception