Baby It's You

If she won’t entertain the notion that love is in the air, how can she possibly believe it started in the crib?

Annie Kubek has heard of baby love, but this is ridiculous.

Twenty-five years after Annie last spent time with Michael Reeves — while in a crib wearing diapers! — her mother insists they were born for each other. Annie is having none of it. As though a park naturalist who counts camping and kayaking as hobbies could ever marry a career-minded businessman who looks as though he stepped straight out of the pages of Gentleman’s Quarterly.

During a visit to rural Pennsylvania, though, Michael takes an unfathomable interest in Annie. Oh, baby! Things are about to get interesting.

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Digital edition, 2012

Original title: Born for Each Other

First edition, Avalon Books, 2002

The Spider (Dead Ringers #3)