Once Smitten  &Twice Shy

The one who got away. The person from your past you can’t forget. The one who creeps into your mind when you least expect it and gets you thinking about what might have been. For Zoe O’Neill, that’s college crush Jack Carter. No matter how much she tries to deny it.


In ONCE SMITTEN, Zoe’s friends dare her to reconnect with Jack to prove he means nothing to her. But the former baseball pitcher has a point to prove to his own friends: that he doesn’t strike out potential mates after three dates. Jack’s determined to end his streak—with Zoe.


In TWICE SHY, nobody from the past creeps into the minds of best buddies and polar opposites Amy Donatelli and Matt Burke. Admitting that could force them to examine how they feel about each other. So they both come up with the same idea—inventing past loves who don’t exist. In the process of faking it, though, they just might find the real thing.



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Updated digital edition, May 2018

First edition, Harlequin Duets, June 2003