Dead Ringers Volumes 4-6

Shell Game - Pitfall - Tilt-A-Whirl

Dead Ringers 4: SHELL GAME 

Should you listen to your heart—or your head?


If Max is playing a shell game, Jade needs to figure out what he’s hiding and why he’s in Midway Beach.


Dead Ringers 5: PITFALL

How do you stop a monster?


A serial killer is inhabiting the body of her best friend’s boyfriend, and Jade needs to figure out how to prevent him from killing again. Problem is, she may be the target.


Dead Ringers 6: TILT-A-WHIRL

Is it possible to make sense of the impossible?


Now that Jade has the facts about Max, she’s on her own until an unlikely ally offers to help her hunt the truth about who’s behind the body switching.

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Digital edition, 2013

Print edition, 2014

The Spider (Dead Ringers #3)