Bait and Switch

After switching places with his identical twin to catch a criminal, Mitch is the one who’s hooked – on his brother’s girl!

Grant “Mitch” Mitchell is a cop accustomed to bailing out his charming, irresponsible twin, but his brother’s never been mixed up with a criminal before. The plan to get him out of trouble is a simple bait and switch.

Mitch will go undercover as his brother to gather enough evidence to put the bad guy in jail. It seems easy enough until a spitting-mad blond knockout shows up on his brother’s doorstep. Before Mitch knows it, he’s trying to keep his hands to himself while winning back his brother’s girl!

Meanwhile, his twin is living it up trying to impress a woman who thinks he’s Mitch. Which leaves a doozy of a question: Are the women falling for them or their mirror images?

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Digital edition, 2011

First edition, Dorchester

Lovespell, 2002

Bait & Switch