Dead Ringers Volumes 1-3

Illusion - Invertigo - The Spider

Dead Ringers 1: ILLUSION 

Do you know where your time went? 


Jade Greene's memories of the two days she went missing are slowly returning, but they involve a blinding headache and an evil clown with a syringe. Not exactly the stuff of sanity.

Dead Ringers 2: INVERTIGO 

Do you know who you can trust?


Max Harper insists Jade's best chance to find out why she remembers so little of her abduction is to team up with him. But can she trust him?

Dead Ringers 3: THE SPIDER 

Do you know where the Black Widow is?


Someone in Midway Beach isn't who they seem and unless Jade and Max can figure out what's going on, they could become the next victims.

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Digital edition, 2013

Print edition, 2013

Dead Ringers: Volumes 1-3 (Dead Ringers, #1-3)