Anything You Can Do...!

Harlequin Duets, June 2002

Anything You Can Do…! by Darlene Gardner 

Well, you know the rest

Lane Brooks and Clay Crawford know competition! As rival newspaper reporters, they live to scoop one another. Now they're rivals for a prestigious job at a hot new magazine, and things are really heating up. But onlookers wonder: could their huffy looks and stiff upper lips be masking their desire to be rivals for each other's hearts?

Anchor That Man! by Dawn Atkins 

But not on this show…

Renata Rose is supposed to help couples find happily-ever-after…not make them crash on the rocks of love! But she's lost her belief in marriage, jeopardizing her job hosting a TV relationship show. Enter too-charming, too-sexy co-anchor Hawk Hunter. Hawk's ideas for the show are all wrong. And Renata plans on telling him so…just as soon as she finishes falling for him!

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